About Patti Spreen

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Real estate is a story that began in my life at a very young age. Born in New London, Connecticut, transitioning to the beautiful Pacific Northwest at the age of 4. Transition is my repertoire. I've daydreamed about the many facets of real estate for decades. The architecture, sense of community, demographics, and neighborhoods, all carry such priceless value.

My ability to embrace empathy, understand lifestyle nuances, as well as encourage and fiercely advocate for dreams and personal goals, has evolved from my lifetime of experience. Real estate creates so many levels of growth and opportunity.

Relentless passion for the client is what sets me apart; as is my fearless mindset, honesty, helpful nature, and above all, my integrity. If you are at a crossroads and seeking real estate inspiration or representation, I would be delighted to offer you insight and join you on your next real estate journey.

Whether you’re getting ready to buy or sell, as your Oregon First, Realtors® real estate agent, I’m here to help. Just looking for information about the market, or curious about a house for sale in your neighborhood? I can help with that, too.

I specialize in providing the kind of personal service you can trust, from helping you understand our ever-changing real estate market to ensuring your negotiation and sale goes as smoothly as possible. I’m fully trained in all the procedures and regulations buyers and sellers need to know to reduce risk, speed up your search, and ensure your next home is exactly what you’re looking for.

Finding the right agent is as important as finding the right property or the right buyer. If you’re looking to work with someone who understands your values and prioritizes your needs, give me a call today – I look forward to meeting you!

Unlocking Real Estate Dreams with Heart.
Let's conquer your next real estate journey together!

In gratitude—Patti Spreen


"The first time that I met Patti, it was obvious that she has passion for what she does in taking care of people and their real estate needs. I highly recommend Patti as a great real estate resource, especially in the Sherwood market!"

Kyle Bunch

"She is honest, respectful and dedicated."

Florence Rhodes

"Patti Spreen is a breath of fresh air to the realty industry. Her ability to bring reality to a dream for many is what makes her execptional at her job!"

Hilary Simila