Patti's story is always persevering.

If you are at a crossroads and seeking real estate inspiration or representation, or simply just have questions, Patti would be delighted and honored to offer you peace of mind and join you on your next real estate journey.

Patti's why is crystal clear. Her relentless passion for the client is what distinctly sets her apart; as is her fearless mindset, helpful nature, integrity, and above all, Patti's tendency to see the full spectrum.

Authenticity is key with Patti. Her ability to embrace empathy, understand lifestyle nuances, as well as encourage and fiercely advocate for dreams and personal goals, has evolved from her lifetime of transition.

No matter if you’re looking to sell your current property or buy a new one, Patti can help you find the ideal opportunity. Her extensive network and insider knowledge make her a formidable player in the local real estate market.

Patti won't rest until she secures you the best deal.

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Authenticity is Key!
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This was our first home buying experience and to say it was overwhelming/complicated is an understatement! Patti was incredible and handled the offer and everything to do with the home we were buying beautifully! She anticipated every move and was on top of things before they happened.

Where Patti distinguished herself was in the wonderful person/friend she became to the two of us!

Anyone wanting to start this amazing experience couldn’t find a more dedicated realtor for making your dreams come true than Patti Spreen.


The Sullivan Family